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Enter without voting - The Pulsus conference is organizing the 10th World Biotechnology Congress with the theme "Current Challenges and Future Perspectives of Biotechnology" on August 24–25, 2022, to foster the sharing of new innovative ideas among academicians, industrialists, research scholars, and students. The main goal of Biotechnology 2022 is to unite biotechnologists, industrial experts, doctors, professors, research scholars, young scientists, health-care professionals, students, and delegates in biotechnology fields across the globe to share their innovative research experiences and engage with fellowship. It also provides a great chance for aspiring scientists and developers to create international relationships and enrich their careers through an interactive session with eminent speakers. The development of medications and therapies, nutritious substances, eco-sustainable substances, bioenergy, and novel functional materials is aided by understanding the principles of biotechnology. Biotechnology 2022 will enlighten the audience on the aspects of various branches of biotechnology. It also gives an insight into the impacts, trends, challenges, and applications of biotechnology in various fields. We are excited and are fairly sure this Biotechnology 2022 will be informative, and beneficial to everyone. We are confident that this webinar will provide you with an incredible experience.

10th World Biotechnology Congress