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Enter without voting - 【ROTATING SYSTEM FOR PERFECT WORKOUT AND LESS WRIST PAIN】 Firstly, Rotating pushup stands greatly reduces the pressure on your wrists during your exercise. Just twist the push up handles as much as you like for the perfect workout. Also this design can engage more muscles and increase more strength on arms, shoulders, chest, back and abs. 【MULTIPLE EXERCISE MODES】 Secondly, this Abdominal Trainer is designed to work your whole body, allow you to do sit-up exercise while working your core at the same time. 【POWER-ASSISTED SPRING MECHANISM】 Moreover, Targeting your upper, middle, lower abs and obliquus, improve the workout efficiency in less time. 【DETACHABLE FOOT PEDALS】 Bicycle pedal can exercise thigh muscles, You can exercise without interruption and without affecting anyone around you for a smooth, quiet ride.

Ab Core Machine Six Pack ABS Rocket Twister with Cycle From