Simplified vs Rytr Me: the AI-powered writing assistant. How one founder used OpenAI's famed GPT-3 to build the best writing assistant on the market.

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To Build a Community that wants to work closely with Farmers – participative farming. To ensure that our future generations are healthier, and happier with great disease-fighting capabilities – future care.

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The Niscomed Surescreen blood glucose monitor uses the biosensor technology in blood glucos monitoring to provide you with easy and comfortable testing. it requires only 0.8ml blood sample to complete the testing in just 8 seconds.

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12 kg. flywheel combined with the belt drive mechanism allows for smooth and quite workouts •Adjustable resistance with press down breaking system •

Renowned for having invented and perfected a sensational approach to relaxation massage, WINKS London constantly endeavours to offer exceptional refinement and impeccable service, creating the most utterly gratifying personal massage you can experience.

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Adjustable Height :- The inversion table is suitable for people from 131 cm to 190 cm, and you can choose the optimal height for better training. Double Lock Design :- Equipped with buckle and safety pin to fasten your feet, double lock endows it with...

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USB IP Subsystem Full range of USB controllers supporting USB 2.0 / USB 3.0 / USB 3.1 gen1 and gen2 in host and device mode of operation. Supports AXI interface and in-built DMA features.



Die-to-Die IP Subsystem Die-to Die IP Subsystem offers a unique value proposition in terms of low power, high throughput, and low latency links enabling faster time to integration for heterogenous chipset connections in wired communications, AI and HPC...



HBM3/2E/2 IP Subsystem The HBM3/2E/2 IP is suitable for applications involving graphics, high-performance computing, high-end networking, and communications that require very high bandwidth, lower latency and more density.



Interlaken IP Subsystem High speed chip-to-chip interface protocol with scalable bandwidth, low latency and reliable data transfer over serial links. The latest generation supports up to 1.2Tbps bandwidth with support for NRZ and PAM4 serial links.



Differentiate using our customizable SoC IP Best-in-class SoC IPs cover a wide range of applications from Embedded, AI, Networking to Enterprise markets.



OpenFive’s Idea-to-Silicon capabilities combined with our advanced design methodologies on leading-edge 5nm, 7nm and 12nm foundry processes.



Your fastest path to custom silicon is here When standard products don’t meet your business or technical requirements, it’s time to go custom. Specialized custom SoC solutions can be optimized for power, performance, and area, giving you greater design...



Allergic laryngitis treatment such as such as coughing, throat clearing, and hoarseness with Flanax Pain Reliever Tablets and Flanax Cough Lozenges



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Firstly Start slowly and build up gradually. Give yourself plenty of time to warm up and cool down with easy walking or gentle stretching. Secondly Break things up if you have to. Exercising in short sessions a few times a day may fit into your schedule...



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Deviart is a boutique agency with the focus on Website Development, Outsourcing & White label services. Deviart’s adventure started in 2019 to find our ardent team obsessed with the goal of becoming one of the leading and forward-looking companies...



【ROTATING SYSTEM FOR PERFECT WORKOUT AND LESS WRIST PAIN】 Firstly, Rotating pushup stands greatly reduces the pressure on your wrists during your exercise. Just twist the push up handles as much as you like for the perfect workout. Also this design can...



We are a full-service agency specializing in providing strategic digital marketing solutions to our clients by leveraging amazing technologies. Our team has the skills, insights, and tools to keep you relevant and connected to your audience no matter how...



39-in-1 MULTI FUNCTIONAL BENCH INCLUDES :- Squat Rack, Pastor Stool, Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Dumbbell Curl, Barbell Bench Press, Barbell Incline Press, Barbell Decline Press, Crunches, Leg Raise, Flat Bench Press, Shoulder Press, One Arm Dumbbell Row,...